29 January 2006

It's Been a While

I'd say that a lot has happened since I posted last--and it probably has--but I don't feel like it. ^^ Cheeky? Deffinately. But it's my blog, so :P.

Erm. I totally don't have anything to say at the moment.

So, yes. I'm back. Later.

07 November 2005

Just a little link.


Enjoy. Oh, and I'll be getting another blog, crochet themed. I don't know exactly when it will be up, but it will be at makingmagic.mycrochetblog.com. Check me out sometime!

05 November 2005


I have Knife of Dreams. 'Nuff said.

02 November 2005


NaNoWriMo Progress Meter

17 October 2005


It's just workstudy, but it pays $5.35 an hour, six hours a week, which comes out to $32.10 a week. Still, it's money. To me, it's a LOT of money.

Also, I want to find patterns that are not marked "for personal use only" and crochet stuff to sell on ebay. It would sell, even just basic hats and scarves, because it's hand made, one of a kind, and good quality. Plus I find fun stuff! I just need to take back the camera dad got me that's not working and get a new one.

There were sirens on campus tonight. Anyone (if anyone on campus reads this) know what that was about?

07 October 2005

Writing Again! ^_^

Yeah, I broke my hiatus. But it wanted out, you know? So I'm back to working on Hunters of the Night. It's going well, methinks. On another note . . .

You are a

Social Liberal
(76% permissive)

and an...

Economic Liberal
(25% permissive)

You are best described as a:

Strong Democrat

Link: The Politics Test on Ok Cupid
Also: The OkCupid Dating Persona Test

Exactly as I say. I AM A LIBERAL! I just fall on the Democratic rather than the Libertarian. But then, they're liberal.

06 October 2005


I don't get to meet Orson Scott Card after all. Dad got the day of the week wrong (though, to be fair, I didn't pick up on the fact that he did despite having the date) and he was in Columbia TODAY. While I was HERE. On Saturday, he'll be in Greensborough. You know, part of the SETTING of Ender's Game. We'll just have to look for another one.

Dad's still coming, though, and I'm going to go home this weekend. Home will be good; I miss it. Plus, free laundry.

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